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Hey, You, Get Off My New Cloud

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Fast on the heels of “asperitas,” the first new cloud type since 1951, everyone is suddenly identifying new clouds. Here are a few of the crazier ones.

TRUMPULUS – Swirls of fluffy wisps seem to swoop and curl from all directions at once. It almost doesn’t look like a real cloud.

NIMBOWOOFUS – That cloud everyone sees that looks like a dog’s head.

SIRI-US – A cloud that follows one person around, day and night, answering questions and giving directions.

CUMULOCRASHUS – Dark, dense, impenetrable clouds that appear when the stock market drops more than 500 points in a single day.

PUFFNSTUFFUS STRATOCASTUS – Indoor cloud formations often seen at Dave Matthews concerts.

PALOALTOSTRATUS – Clouds that contain no moisture whatsoever.

Actually, as someone once said, I really don’t know clouds at all.

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