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9 Facebook Changes We Never Want to See

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People are still fuming about the recent changes to Facebook, but it could have been a lot worse. Here are some new features and changes we really would have hated.

SQUIRMVILLE – Friends, relatives and co-workers pay a fee to rummage through your old posts about them.

POKES PLUS – When someone pokes you, you actually feel a sharp pain in your side.

SCROLL OF SHAME – Continuous scroll of every embarrassing nickname or taunt you’ve ever received.

ACEBOOK-FAY – At random intervals, everything on your Facebook wall is changed to Pig Latin.

NEW GROUPS GALORE – Includes “People You’ve Been in Car Accidents With,” “Dudes Who Share Your Middle Name,” and “Other People Who Like Dinty Moore Beef Stew.”

LOOK WHAT YOU’RE MISSING – Fun activities of people who unfriended you now appear at the top of your news feed.

LIKES?YIKES! – Suddenly all the music, movies and activities listed on your info page revert to what they would have been when you were 14. Starland Vocal Band anyone? Anyone?

SUPERCHAT – Every five minutes, a friend is invited to chat about a) the weather b) their vacation or c) the weather during their vacation.

CLICK THIS – The pointing index finger symbol is replaced by a pointing middle finger.

Feel better now?


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  1. These are great, but I don’t know anybody who likes Dinty Moore Beef Stew but you. A group of ONE!


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