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9 Rejected Social Media Sites

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You may find this hard to believe, but not every social media site finds a following. In fact, some are so bad they don’t even make it past the first pitch meeting at an artisanal cheese shop in Brooklyn. Here’s what I mean:

BUMBLR – The primo social media destination for middle-aged guys who think Stella Artois is a girl they knew in grammar school.

HIDDIT – Each time you log in, a different feature on the site is intentionally hidden from reach.

WINKEDIN – Business networking for people who “know a guy who knows a guy” who can get you a job interview.

SPOTIFY – Spotty the dalmatian is the logo symbol for this social media site that prides itself on making service available only in hipster spots such as vegan hookah lounges in the warehouse district.

TREKNORATI – Every post and photo contains a reference to “Star Trek.” (See also: SHREKNORATI)

SNOOKSTER – Site devoted entirely to the breakout star of MTV’s “Jersey Shore.”

DIVEJOURNAL – Interactive stream of sports pages pinned up over urinals at seedy taverns.

STUMBLEOVER – Requires a crazy-high blood alcohol content to log in.

CAFEDAD – The last word in photos, videos and chat about dad-related subjects, such as which route you’re planning to take during the drive home for Thanksgiving.

See what you’re missing? Feel free to add your own!

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    – It’s a social media site that allows you to upload all your favorite and important documents for sharing on websites. But for each document you upload, count on taking off one piece of clothing.


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