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Dick Clark’s Greatest Hits You Didn’t Know

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Dick Clark’s passing this week sent many of us looking back at his lengthy and varied resume. It’s quite amazing, and a real testament to his willingness to try anything at least once. Here are some of Mr. Clark’s past projects that you may have forgotten.


This 1986 book (the cover photo is posted above) is a mellow throwback to the grooming guides from earlier eras. Clark offers tips on everything from buying hair shampoo to tying a necktie. Let’s see Ryan Seacrest try that!


Hard to imagine now, but back in 1968, Clark co-starred in a movie as a murderous thief. It was called “Killers Three,” and it also starred Robert Walker Jr. and Diane Varsi. The plot involved moonshine, blasting a safe and running from the law. Clark also was involved in the script and helped produce the film, which later was re-released on a double-bill with “Boxcar Bertha.”


Yes, America’s Oldest Teenager got grilled on the witness stand in the very last episode of TV’s “Perry Mason” in 1966. “The Case of the Final Fade-Out” also featured appearances by members of the “Perry Mason” crew and the series’ creator, Erle Stanley Gardner. As for Clark, he played a TV writer named “Leif Early.”


That same year, 1966, Clark scored some major pop culture points by popping up in TV’s “Batman.” Very nice. Very “Mad Men.”


Clark played himself in George Clooney’s directing debut, “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind,” in 2002. This was a wild story about real-life TV host Chuck Barris, who later claimed that he was a CIA assassin. Barris had worked for Clark in the 1960s on “American Bandstand,” and Clooney films Clark in mock documentary style, talking about Barris.

Those are just some of the highlights. Clark also appeared on “The X-Files,” on “Friends,” as a ringmaster on “Circus of the Stars,” and he executive produced “Celebrity Boxing 2,” in which William “The Refrigerator” Perry stepped into the ring against Manute Bol. It’s safe to say there will never be another entertainment personality like Dick Clark.

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