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The New Mullets

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As hairstyles go, the mullet gets more than its share of abuse. Today’s hipsters wouldn’t be caught dead in one; neither would their parents. But you know what? The mullet never goes away completely. From David Spade’s “Joe Dirt” and Danny McBride’s “Eastbound & Down,” to the “skullet” sported by pro baseball player Bryce Harper, the mullet lives on in one form or another. With that in mind, I have a few suggestions for some new variations.

THE MULLETINI – Kids love it!

THE MEW-LLET – Here, kitty, kitty

THE GRULLET – Grandpa gets into the act

THE O’MULLET – A little green dye does wonders

THE MULLETTE – For the ladies

THE NULLET – Nose hair mullet

THE MOYEL-LET – Perfect at a bris

McMULLET – Millions of fast food workers can’t be wrong

Party on, people!

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  1. Huge fan of Danny McBride! Just saw him on Tenacious D’s “The Roadie” video too. No mullet this time though lol! Check it out:


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