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IKEA Product Names I’d Like to See

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Any IKEA fan will tell you that one of the odd pleasures of shopping there is reading the names of the many, many items on display. The vast majority of them are Swedish names of people and places. Naturally, it’s the sort of thing the staff of The Jimbo List loves to ponder. Here are some new IKEA products you won’t be seeing any time soon.

PLOPSKA – Bean bag chair

HELMUTT – Bike helmet for dogs


BILLY IDOL – Shelves for hair gel products

BLERN – Blender


BILLY CRYSTAL – Shelves for comedy awards

TIPSY-GO-ROUND – Corkscrew

PHTT – Bottle opener

BILLY GRAHAM – Shelves for religious statuary

SHEESH – Multi-purpose tool for putting together IKEA items

See you at the lingonberry counter!

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  1. I think my favorite here is the Blern.

    Somebody at work leaned back too far and his chair broke. This was months ago, but we STILL call it the Broktensplaat. I don’t know how to make an umlaut on here, or I would put one over the O.

    I once drank a French soda with a name very much like the bottle opener. It really is called Pschitt. I saved the bottle for years.

    Also, did you see the Billy bookcase made with actual Billies? I will have to see if I can locate it for you.

  2. You made me laugh out loud with these!

    Last year my friend Linda and I both had to buy a Rotera (lanterns that use a tealight) just because of the name.
    I’ve used it like twice. A steal at $3.99.

    Then I just had to get a Nubigge (we called it a No Biggie) and then we couldn’t stop giggling the rest of the way around the store.

    We had honey buns, but no lingonberries.

    I haven’t had a Plopska in years. Not since college!!

    Thanks for the laughs.

  3. Great list!

    My very favorite Ikea product was the Fartful, which I don’t believe they carry anymore. Can’t remember what it was; probably something innocuous like a picture frame.

    Oh, and as Amy Poehler once said, “Ikea is Swedish for argument.”

  4. Joyce Carlstedt

    Well as your sister-out-law who speaks Swedish, just ask and you might-kinda-sorta get to know what all the Svengelska means. 😉
    By the way if you could tell me where to find a “skit saken”, I would be grateful, mine is missing. And just in case anyone is wondering, putting together IKEA items isn’t any easier here – we have an IKEA hotline for frustrated do-it-yourselfers.

    Oh yeah, fart in Swedish means speed as in what a car does when you put your foot on the excelerator. Got quite a few words here that are a holy riot to us English speakers.


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