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What If Someone Else Walked On The Moon First?

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Neil Armstrong’s recent passing gives us occasion to honor a great American hero. It also prompts us to reflect on his glorious moon walk and speculate as to what others might have said if they’d been in his space boots.

YODA: “Giant leap for mankind, it is.”

DR. SEUSS: “One foot, two foot, here’s the first moon foot.”

SIRI: “I found 4 craters and the Sea of Tranquility a little ways from you.”

SARAH PALIN: “I can see Russia!”

AL GORE: “I invented NASA, you know.”

SNOOP LION: “One small fo shizzle in my capsizzle.”

WEREWOLF: “Awwwooooo!”

MICHAEL JACKSON: “Moon walk? This gives me an idea…”

BROOKLYN HIPSTER: “Totes historic!”

SNOOKI: “OMG! These f*!?$& shoes are the worst.”

RATSO RIZZO: “Hey – I’m walkin’ here!”

Bless you, Neil Armstrong.