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I’m a list maker. There, I’ve admitted it. When not out seeing the latest cinematic masterpiece, I’m often dreaming up an obscure list about pop culture or current events. And you, you lucky devil, get to see it. If you like my little lists, feel free to add suggestions of your own.

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  1. Jim,

    On behalf of Sue and I thank you (and your photographer) for producing a great article in today’s Register. You’ve captured the the very essence of Sue’s story and I’m sure it will resonate with many of your readers.

    Thanks to you and the Register, Sweeeet Revenge (the story) shall now have the attention it deserves and hopefully others can benefit from Sue’s inspirational “Lemons to Lemonade” tale.



  2. After reading the story on Toads,I just wanted to tell you by announcing “Hungry Charleys is closed forever” after Michael Boloton and his band Joy finished an amazing weekend of New Haven area music on a cold night in Feb 1973,the groundwork was laid for Toads,after a short lived stint as Calebs Tavern.I remember Mike coming into Charleys talking about a dream of a club on this site. Laughed,”we’ll never close”says I.There is a page on Facebook called Hungry Charleys 300,feel free to visit it.About 60 of us are still around to talk about the “Good Old Days”Randy Burns,a staple of New Haven music,still comes into town to play a couple of times a year and the loyal are there.I am sure Randall Beach could add to this.I’m sure it was an oversite in not mentioning my favorite band Shane Magowan and the Pogues(LOL)Kevin Meehan,permitee for years at Toads,statred out as a customer of mine at HC,and we are still friends to this day(Yankee fans).any questions,you can find me at or Facebook(Stu Cohen)


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